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Raised on the smell of diesel fuel and barnyards, Agriculture Club is a mixture of 100% authentic Albertan small town kids and farmboy rock & rollers. Endless hours spent circling the fields in a tractor with nothing but an AC/DC mix tape and their Dad’s Johnny Cash Greatest Hits Vol. 47 was enough to tweak their brains in just the right way, facilitating the musical mayhem they now crank out on a regular basis.

Now you won’t go hearing your average urban rockers singing about the merits of The Dukes of Hazzard and Hee Haw, road-weary truckers or genuine rural experiences such as taking ol’ Shep for a one-way walk behind the barn. That’s ok, Agriculture Club are not your average rock band, or your average country band for that matter – they’re more like the inbred offspring of both. The boys never could decide between Judas Priest and Merle Haggard. Why choose anyway? Why not both? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with good ol’ fashioned Country and Western, but there’s also nothing wrong with cranking “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” through an amplifier set on “11”. In fact, it sounds pretty damn good that way.


It’s a formula that’s kept them out of the mainstream (which suits them just fine) but the boys have been busy nonetheless. Could it be they ain’t really the unsophisticated backward-ass hicks they come off as?



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