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Black Thunder  Available NOW!
Drawing upon the musical instincts of a trio of metal-and-psych-adjacent album hunters, their music builds in the borderlands between the labyrinths of progressive rock guitar riffs, boggy 70s hard psych basslines, and the amphetamine alleyways of proto-glam drumming.

Iron Tusk  Available NOW!

Those workingman’s blues just got a whole lot Redder. Drawing on their shared experiences as sons, brothers, husbands, fathers and friends, Iron Tusk filters a maelstrom of modern conundrums through an electrified plain of post-punk angst and heavy metal fury.  

Juniper Bush  Available NOW!
"A swirling void of psychedelic existentialism, cloaked in thundering, echoing riffs, makes its way across the Canadian prairies like an ominous storm front. In the eye of the maelstrom is Juniper Bush, a psych/shoegaze supergroup based out of Winnipeg."
- BeatRoute Media