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B.A. Johnston's latest album, "Werewolves of London, Ontario," is a raucous testament to the absurdities of everyday life, boasting a creative title and unforgettable cover art that immediately capture the essence of Johnston's irreverent humor. With tracks like "There's a Hair in My Donair" and "I Don't Buy No Government Weed (Still Buying from Steve)," Johnston crafts a musical landscape that oscillates between pointed political commentary and stoner weirdness, evoking the spirit of underground legends like Jonathan Richmond and the Dead Milkmen. Fans praise Johnston's ability to blend hilarious observations with genuine poignancy, creating an album that offers both escapism and introspection in equal measure. From his infectious energy on stage to his deliciously dark humor on tracks like "my neighbor dug a fire pit" and "teeth gonna fall out my head," Johnston solidifies his status as a true iconoclast, challenging the conventions of rock music with every riff and lyric.

B.A Johnston -Werewolves of London, Ontario

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  • 1.Why Can't Tonight Be Wing Night 01:57
    2.There's a Hair in My Donair 01:44
    3.Don't Wanna Work for a Living (Wish I Was Born An Irving) 02:01
    4.All My Teeth Gonna Fall Out My Head 02:29
    5.My Last Shift At Timmies 02:17
    6.Me and the Black Mold and the Cat Who Is Now My Cat 01:27
    7.I Love Wrestling 01:58
    8.If We Can Make It To The Pontiac Sunfire 01:42
    9.Has It Gotten Weird Enough Yet 02:26
    10.This Pink Eye Has Got Me Down 02:43
    11.I Don't Buy No Government Weed (Still Buying from Steve) 02:41
    12.My Opinion of Above Ground Pools 02:00
    13.My Neighbour Dug A Fire Pit 01:50
    14.GM Can Sit on It (Oshawa 2018) 01:54
    15.Hit By A Senior 01:30
    16.Only 2 Things I Wanna Do (Doritos N U) 03:26
    17.Thrift Store Jesus 02:00
    18.Watching My Ass Get Fat 01:42
    19.The Cannon Logo Will Get Me Through Tonight 02:38

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