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Unreleasables- Solitary Confinement LP.  London derelicts, the Unreleasables, sonicly proclaim it's out with the new and in with the old on their most crude 'n corrosive slab to date.  Across twelve putrid inches, the Unreleasables blast through a high-octane mix of disdain and disharmony making 'Solitary Confinement' your safety pin sanctuary for nasty biting Punk Rock.  This is Punk built on guitar riffs -- mean, angry, and measured -- paired with equally aggro production that works well with their agitated, chaotic sounds.  You can practically smell the beer flying through yer speakers as the Unreleasables tear through twelve brash cuts that sound like an inebriated, molotov-concoction of the Dead Boys, Pagans, Zero Boys, Ramones and the Dwarves.   It’s all 1-2-FUCK-YOU Punk Rock with loud slashing guitars and snotty vitriolic vocals from a band that forges their influences into their own nihilistic, sonic edge.  Delightfully rotten sounds from London with super cool looking solitarily stoned cover art by Darren Merinuk.  Includes an insert lyrics sheet.

The Unreleasables - Solitary Confinement LP

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C$12.00Sale Price
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    A1  Bad Breath Jerk

    A2  Denim Jacket Girl

    A3  Idiot Box

    A4 I Love My Record Collection More Than My Mum

    A5 Solitary Confinement

    A6 Looking After Number One

    B1  Phone In Sick For Work

    B2 Weirdo Club

    B3  I Wanna Drink

    B4 Unreleasables

    B5 She Wants To Kill All Men

    B6 V / H / S

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