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'Forget About Never' is a thunderous joyride through the backwoods of Nebraska. This opus churns out 13 rough and tumble cuts of unrestrained, primitive Rock 'n Roll. The Terminals remind me alot of fellow Nebraskans Brimstone Howl with elements of the Cramps, Oblivians and Gories incorporating ear shredding guitar solos, delicately spackled keys and Liz’ fierce baritone howl. Although only slowing down for a second or two in between songs to hear the soothing rattle and static of their own amps, ‘Forget About Never’ takes you to the outskirts of modern Garage Rock one twisted chord at a time. Fans of the above mentioned bands along with the Hunches, Black Time and Cheater Slicks will dig. Cover art by Mike Sniper.

The Terminals - Forget About Never CD

C$10.00 Regular Price
C$8.00Sale Price
  • 1.  Wild Bill's Social Club

    2.  Liar Liar

    3. Forget About Never

    4. Goin' Back To Memphis

    5. Out Of Place

    6.  Alley House

    7. Easy

    8. Your Lies

    9. Ride

    10. Ritual

    11. Gone Away

    12.  Line

    12. (She's Gone) Popcorn

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