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MOTORAMA -‘Psychotronic Is The Beat!’ CD
11 new MOTORAMA rippers and a tweaked take on Gang Of Four’s ‘Damaged Goods’. ‘If You Could See Me’ is a collaboration between the band and Margaret from the Demolition Doll Rod where Margaret plays lead guitar and handles lead vocal duties, while the band plays and sings back ups. It’s also the only track on the album where the band briefly lets their guard down and shows more of their sensitive side. It’s a mellow, downer track to close the otherwise buzzsaw heavy guitar crunch of the rest of the record and adds a nice somber outro to another killer MOTORAMA record. @deadbeatrecords
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MOTORAMA -‘Psychotronic Is The Beat!’ CD

C$10.00 Regular Price
C$8.00Sale Price
  • 1.Black & White - Motorama 01:45

    2.Tiki Tramp - Motorama 02:33

    3.Tell Me! What? - Motorama 01:35

    4.Chinese Blues - Motorama 02:03

    5.Gossip Reputation - Motorama 01:41

    6.All Right! - Motorama 02:31

    7.I Do As I like - Motorama 03:35

    8.Superalcoholic - Motorama 02:10

    9.Damaged Goods (cd only) - Motorama 02:53

    10.We're Here, We're Hungry - Motorama 01:42

    11.Candy Kisses - Motorama 02:09

    12.If You Could See Me - Motorama/Margaret Doll Rod 03:27

    13.Girl You Want (lp only) - Motorama 01:51

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