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Taking cues from various guitar based Back From the Grave howlers of yore and speckle their tunes with the keys heavy scree of bands like the Screamers and Devo; and the anthem-ey qualities of classic punk bands like the Avengers and Weirdos. They even throw in a few choice Flamencan guitar licks here and there as a subtle nod to their regional Spanish roots. And the culmination of their characteristic genre-dabblings paired with their aggro, atacking delivery is what really makes Juanita Y Los Feos stand out.

Juanita Y Los Feos- S/T CD

C$10.00 Regular Price
C$8.00Sale Price
  • El Agujero           

    Madre Soltera (No Quiero Ser Una)         

    Dame Un Cuchillo           

    Reina Por Un Día             

    Maldito Desagradecido 

    Baila Como Un Robot    

    El Huracán Ha Llegado A Vietnam             

    No Tengo Ritmo              

    Tu Secta Es Guay             


    Nima Peymanfard           


    Un Piso En El Paraiso

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