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Guess Who’s Home is an 18 song tribute to the folks that Rolling Stone called “One of rock’s most consistently fascinating maverick bands.” 

What we’ve got here is a true testament to the incredible songwriting of The Guess Who. Not only do their songs stand the test of time, they also withstand treatments, and flourish, in a mighty big spectrum of genres.

Whether it’s the Scorchin’ Blues of The Perpetrators on Hang On To Your life, the psychedelic tinged roots of The Scott Nolan Band on Guns, Guns, Guns, or The Fabulous Kildonan’s manic take on Bus Rider, every song on Guess Who’s Home is re-created with a hometown passion.

Guess Who's Home - A Tribute CD

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    1. Hang on to Your Life – The Perpetrators
    2. Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon – D.Rangers
    3. No Sugar Tonight –The Barrymores
    4. Guns, Guns, Guns – The Scott Nolan Band
    5. Seven Long Years – Big Dave McLean
    6. Bus Rider – The Fabulous Kildonans7. So Long Bannatyne – Combo Combo
    8. Star Baby – Hillbilly Burlesque
    9. These Eyes – The Farrell Bros.
    10. Hand me Down World – Romi Mayes
    11. Dancin’ Fool -The Morons
    12. Clap for the Wolfman – The Rowdymen
    13. No Time – Chocolate Bunnies from Hell
    14. Share the Land – Dust Rhinos
    15. Proper Stranger – Knuckleduster
    16. Heartbroken Bopper – Kitchen Party
    17. American Woman – Flavour
    18. Shakin’ All Over –Sham Allen and the Dispersions

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