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B.A. Johnston Is Your Deep Fryer Daddy, The Chairman Of Cheeseburgers, The Stompin’ Tom Connors Of A New Era. He’s Shirtless And Self-Deprecating, And As Virile As Gremlins In Water. Armed With An Acoustic Guitar And Backed By The Technological Genius Of His Discman, He’s As Punk As They Come. With Abrupt Honesty, B.A. Will Serenade You From The Back Seat To The Gutter.

B.A Johnston - The Skid Is Hot Tonight CD

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C$8.00Sale Price
  • Preview

    1.I Miss 90's Hash 01:56

    2.Moving To A Ski Town 01:23

    3.We're All Going To Jail (Except Pete, He's Gonna Die) 03:24

    4.Geddy Lee 01:38

    5.Your Car Is A Bin 01:24

    6.Our Love Is Like The Cleveland Browns 01:42

    7.Circle The Bowl 02:32

    8.Canadian Beers 02:48

    9.Flintstones Vitamins And Jamesons 01:39

    10.Date Night 01:33

    11.You Kissed Me At The Bus Station 02:01

    12.Sister's Hash, Mom's Smokes, Dad's Whiskey 01:20

    13.I Rock The Hawkins 02:08

    14.My Gut 01:19

    15.Discounted Bacon 01:35

    16.This Hangover Has Legs 01:47

    17.Jesus Take The Wheel 02:15

    18.I Don't Use Self Serve Machines 02:50

    19.I Stare Into The Void 01:50

    20.I Miss The Pigs Ear Tavern 01:14

    21.Tired Love 01:56


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