Paige is an open book. She translates emotions into music in a completely transparent way, yet vague enough that anyone can relate.

“Zero Thought” is the debut EP from Paige Drobot. Paige has done records before though, with her pet project, The Psychics, and as a band member or session musician for genre-diverse releases including; The Psychics , 2017’s ; “Dog Daddy Yeah” by Marshall Birch( Transistor 66) , “Stranger” by Joanne Pollock( Planet Mu) The Vangoras eponymous EP (Transistor 66) and 2015’s “…And Then I Woke Up” by Steve Keys.
This record finds Paige in complete control , of all her own chaos, playing nearly every instrument and engineering and producing the EP herself. The results are a striking mirror of the artist’s stream of conscious personality, and as unique. "



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