Much like their rural metropolis of Winnipeg, Ultra Mega shuffles along the crossroads of country and town... a horseman proudly mounted, disgraced by his failed conquests, left only to ponder his dusty spurs. Blending indie rock, dark psychedelia, dreamy pop, western twang, and calm, cool lyricism, Ultra Mega chaperones us through the glories, romances and defeats of the wandering outlaw.




CD release March 3rd at The Good Will Social Club with Smoky Tiger and Blonde Goth.




Ultra Mega’s near-forgotten debut album is a midsummer night’s psychedelic dreamscape.


Warbling guitars, stabs of organ and 3-part harmonies create a lush backdrop for an impulsive adventure, on which lyricist JD Ormond charts a meandering course. The album travels in a semi-feverish state, floating between the images that memory and nostalgia have distilled: golden arms, dead dogs, names of past romances, and fleeting conquests.






Mariah, by videographer Matt Purchase, follows a lovelorn protagonist as he illicitly collects objects of desire in a state of transfixed love. Donuts, wine bottles, Easter eggs, and toy wrestlers become emblems of conquest as he spirals into an unrestrained romantic thieving spree, culminating in a fiery shrine to her name- Mariah.


Winner of  'Best Music Video' award at the 2016 University of Winnipeg Film Festival.