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From the desk of Grimelda

The world has been a dumpster fire for various reasons so why not just add more trash to the pile? We’ve been holding on to these tracks for literal years now and we’re stoked as heck to finally share them! We had a great experience working with amazing friends to put this together. Hope you all like listening to them as much as we love playing them for you.

Stay sweaty n safe!


Some call it “math-rock for home-schooled kids,” others say things like “avant-punk-jazz” while most scream “dear god, why is that man-boy dressed like a princess and destroying a baby doll?” drowned out by otherworldly guitar noise. These two prairie kids (currently surviving in Saskatoon, SK) have been making a mess since 2011, touring all over the country at a ridiculous pace. A wicked combination of tripped-out heavy-as-hell compositions and a wild, engaging, intimate stage presence. Not to be missed.


HOMETOWN – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada




Deja Vu!! Fresh new single and ultra awesome video from Grimelda!!!

A Dilly Dealz Discount Production!! With many thanks to Dylan, Dave, Lindsay, Dougie, and AZ for helping create such a masterpiece. "New Daft Punk EP" drops June 4


The Faps- New Daft Punk CD

$10 delivered

includes download

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