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The Deadly Skulls are longtime Canadian scene-vets hailing from Calgary, AB. Emulating the current no-nonsense rock of The Hellacopters and The Datsuns, the Skulls also draw heavily from their musical youth. Elements of eighties skate-punk, stoner fuzz and freakout psychedelia crop up from time to time but there’s no denying that, first-and-foremost, the Deadly Skulls are a high-speed rock band.

Currently signed to Winnipeg’s Transistor 66 Records, the Deadly Skulls were formed in 2020 by singer/guitarist Rick Overwater (Agriculture Club, The Culls, Black Dirt of the West), drummer Darell Hartlen (Constable Brennan, Slow Talking Walter, Heartbreak Etc.) and bassist Tim Bulb (The Jalopies). Recently, keyboardist Conrad Sawatzky (Anxious Poets, Cripple Creek Fairies) joined the fray, giving their sound a swirling, edgy quality reminiscent of bands like the Murder City Devils.

Check their personal playlists and you’ll also find bands such as Motörhead, Monster Magnet, Tricky Woo and the Descendents. Influences that crash headlong into one another on their new five-song EP #1 in Sweden.


Recorded by Lorrie Matheson except for “What My Baby Don’t Like,” recorded by Casey Lewis. Mastered by Dave Horrocks. Cover art by Cam Hayden.


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