Ultra Mega’s near-forgotten debut album is a midsummer night’s psychedelic dreamscape.


Warbling guitars, stabs of organ and 3-part harmonies create a lush backdrop for an impulsive adventure, on which lyricist JD Ormond charts a meandering course. The album travels in a semi-feverish state, floating between the images that memory and nostalgia have distilled: golden arms, dead dogs, names of past romances, and fleeting conquests.


Recorded in 2011 at Sonic Backline Studios in Winnipeg by Eusebio Lopez-Aguilar, this long-shelved album is finally rearing its head for folks to see, a curious memento of times past.


Mixed by Aaron Johnston at HMS Arlington, and by Matt Peters at Private Ear Studios

Ultra Mega - S.T

  • Preview Here

    1. Pussy Sweat

    2. A Quick Rest

    3. Mariah

    4. Golden Arms

    5. Dog Days

    6. Golden Erection

    7. Rubble of a Love

    8. Tilted on the Red