Rock and Roll Surf Punk Playboys, The Thrashers have one goal above all else: Create the aural equivalent to an outta-control, outta-this-world, teen-age beach party! Their Transistor 66 debut, Make a Splash delivers ten loud, fast, in your face songs about sea monsters, beach parties, infectious diseases, surfing, shark attacks and skateboarding. Give in to irresistible Rock & Roll damnation! The Thrashers are playing in your bars, shredding in your skate parks and soon Make a Splash will be pounding in your ear drums

The Thrashers - Make A Splash

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      1.  Paddled Out 2:41

      2.  Deathbox Jungle 2:49

      3.  Sea Monster 1:38

      4.  I’m infected 2:01

      5.  Yakety Yak 1:43

      6.  Disaster Run 3:04

      7.  Awake When I Dream 4:00

      8.  Lost and out of Time 3:14

      9.  Shark Attack 2:31

    10.  Beach Party 4:37