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The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can't Cat Call

Snotty Calgary punks The Shiverettes throw unruly riffs up against a backdrop of cuntry-rock influence and spit rough, honest and tongue-in-cheek lyrics all over em. They're unabashedly feminist and don't shy away from hard truths and dark subjects. The band formed nearly four years ago with a desire to flip scripts and start important dialogues, all while channeling the riot grrrl mantra of Girls To The Front. The Shiverettes are pushing themselves to the front and making sure their voices are heard.

The Shiverettes - Dead Men Can't Cat Call

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    1. Broken Record

    2. Betty

    3. Missing Stair

    4. Obsessed

    5. Justice Robin Camp

    6. Dead Men Can't Cat Call

    7. Shout Your Assault

    8. Bad For Me

    9. Lockdown