The Catamounts sophomore album, St Nuomatac is an action packed, surf circus that takes you diversely brave melodic avenues. It sounds as though it was recorded in the middle of the ocean, not the exchange district in Winnipeg. The exclusively instrumental record is almost always both classic and contemporary surf music but manages to involve shoegaze, baroque and jazz elements. This eclectic adventure is wild and exciting but void of being chaotic and messy. It is clear each member in the band knows exactly what they’re doing and that they utterly respect doing it. These said members consist of Graham Epp, Andy Rudolph, Grant Trippel and Michael Henderson-Castle. St Nuomatac is fresh of the press and followed by a Canadian tour in celebration of this luminously developed masterwork. There are many layers; eras and genres involved in this record but it never stops being surf and certainly never stops being wonderful.  Maddy Cristall  STYLUS MAGAZINE

The Catamounts - St. Nuomatic

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    1 - eciwT eviL ylnO uoY

    2 - Ride the Surf
    3 - The Wedge
    4 - Capriccio
    5 - Swamp Creature vs the Banshee
    6 - Igor
    7 - rogI
    8 - egdeW ehT
    9 - Hell Raisers
    10 - Six Shooters
    11 - Memories of Rain
    12 - Il Clan Dei Siciliani
    13 - You Only Live Twice
    14 - naiR fo seiromeM