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Smoky Tiger - Great Western Gold

Smoky Tiger was  inspired to create an album about the mythos of Manitoba. It seemed to him as if there were many stories about the local past that have not been told. So he brought together an all-star team, and with songs about Louis Riel, The Jets, Tommy Prince, The Flying Bandit and many more created a loving tribute to his beloved Manitoba.


Musicians contributing to Great Western Gold

T.J Blair (The Magnificient 7s), Josey Krahn (Ultra Mega),

Jason Nowicki (The Perpetrators), Andrina Turenne (Chic Gamine), Dan Moroz (The Flaming Trolleys), Aaron Johnston (Pop Crimes).


Produced and Mixed  by Matt Peters (Royal Canoe)

Mastered by Andy Rudolph (The Catamounts)

Smoky Tiger - Great Western Gold

  • Preview Here

    1. Introduction

    2. Warden of the Plains

    3. Flying Bandit

    4. Jets Anthem

    5. Bloody Jack

    6. Terry Fox

    7. Tommy Prince

    8. Big Bear

    9. Purple City Glow

    10. Louis Riel

    11. North End