JD and the Sunshine Band takes stories, slang and humour off the streets of Winnipeg, gives them a backbeat and melody and returns them to the streets with renewed swagger.  The results are undeniably Winnipeg, like slurpees in January.  Known for their raucous live show that infuses country music with Main street sensibilities, the band has warmed their way into the hardest of hearts. 

JD and the Sunshine Band - S/T

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    1. Greetings

    2. Saturday Night

    3. At The Sunshine

    4. No One To Care

    5. I Heard That One Before

    6. Silent Night

    7. A Dream About Flying

    8. The Bottle Let Me Down

    9. Is It Faster To Brandon or By Bus ?

    10. Ile-De-Chenes

    11. Talk To Yourself

    12. On The Sunny Side of the Street