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Gym Tonic - Good Job  LP

Gym Tonic are an international four-piece and talk of the town when it comes to hyped-up synth punk. In some parallel universe, DEVO, Half Japanese and The Residents grew into one and decided to channel their energy into songs about nuclear catastrophes, vitamin injections, car sickness and deadly events. Throw melody lines straight out of the Twillight Zone on top and you have an all-around gem.

Gym Tonic - Good Job LP


    1.Illegal Corpse 02:53

    2.Carsick 01:52

    3.Survivor of the Suicide Bridge 02:56

    4.Purple People Eaters 02:34

    5.Hiroshima 04:07

    6.B12 Injection 02:38

    7.Tourists of Death 02:53

    8.Nerds of Doom 02:17

    9.Double Digits 02:26

    10.Toil is Stupid 02:02

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