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Black Thunder III  CD

Regina's Black Thunder make their triumphant return with their third release, aptly titled III. If rippin’ riffs are what you are looking for, the power trio has plenty to offer over the course of nine new tracks that dabble in stoner metal, prog, psych, sludge and ‘70s hard rock. Check out smokin’ tracks like Dece Welfare, Ripped Out of Your Face and Space Fives and get lit up.

Black Thunder III CD



    Track List

    01. Corp
    02. How To Wake Man And Her Son While You Crisscross Your Bill
    03. Agents Of Decay
    04. Dece Welfare
    05. Space Five
    06. Ripped Out Of Your Face
    07. Discontinue
    08. Accomplishing Extinction
    09. Alpha Barrier

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