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B.A Johnston - The Skid Is Hot Tonight  LP

You've probably already heard odes to classic rock like "Geddy Lee" and "We're All Going to Jail (Except Pete, He's Gonna Die)," but now you can listen to tunes about drugs, booze and making out at bus stations with the likes of "I Miss 90s Hash," "Canadian Beers," "Flintstones Vitamins and Jamesons," "Sister's Hash, Mom's Smokes, Dad's Whiskey" and "You Kissed Me at the Bus Station."
If you're tuckered out after those, refuel with "Discounted Bacon" and "Jesus Take the Wheel" before kicking back for a big finish that includes "I Don't Use Self Service Machines," "I Stare Into the Void" and "Tired Love."
The album was recorded in Port Greville with Mathias Kom of the Burning Hell, and mixed and mastered at Superbob Studios by Kyle McDonald of Zaum.
It's another hilarious but sometimes surprisingly heart-warming offering from Johnston.

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B.A Johnston - The Skid Is Hot Tonight LP

C$14.97 Regular Price
C$11.98Sale Price

    1             90's Hash            

    2             Ski School           

    3             Van Halen          

    4             Geddy Lee         

    5             Bin        

    6             Browns

    7             Circle The Bowl

    8             Beers    

    9             Flintstones         

    10           Date     

    11           Bus        

    12           Sisters Hash       

    13           Rock The Hawk 

    14           My Gut 

    15           Discount Bacon

    16           Hangover           

    17           Jesus     

    18           Self Serve           

    19           Void      

    20           Pigs Ear

    21           Tired Love

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