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 Enchanters are a Toronto power trio that play a heavy mix of garage punk and freakbeat with a touch of trash-can glam. Led by the high-kicking, fast-talking guitarist and vocalist Classy Craig Daniels of The Leather Uppers, the focus is on high-energy rockers with chants, thunderous beats and good ol’ fashioned guitar solos. Filled out with fellow veteran Ter from City Sweethearts on drums and relative newcomer Derek B of the Do Nothings on bass, Enchanters get right down to business with no delay on both stage and record. Built on a solid foundation of great riffs, pounding drums and monstrous, punchy basslines, Enchanters always keep it as fun and catchy as they do intense and fuzzy.

Classy Craig  - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Derek B – Bass, Backing Vocals

Ter – Drums, Percussion



High Heel Roller Skates/Firetruck 7” (Trophy Records - 2020)

Torture Chamber/Backstabber s UK 7” (Transistor 66 - 2020)






enchanters release.jpg

Photo by Vuk Dragojevic

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