Regina power trio Black Thunder brings a storm surge of riffs on their fourth full-length, finally getting its official release after being delayed due to the global pandemic. 

The seven track album, Black Thunder’s first since 2016’s III and third on Winnipeg label Transistor 66, is rooted in stoner rock, sludge and psych. There are some meandering moments, but they don’t last long since there is always another riff on the horizon. 


Opening track Inch Row lasts less than two minutes and serves as sort of an amuse-bouche before the hard-driving Bekenstein Limit truly kicks things off and gives the band, vocalist-guitarist Anthony Frank, bassist Dustin Wiebe and drummer Neil Lutz, a chance to show off its prog and math-rock tendencies, which crop up throughout the album. 


The Black Rag delves into some groove-oriented melodic stoner rock before working in some heavy psych, while the punchy fuzz bomb of Lack of Protons serves as another album highlight.


Side two of the vinyl finds the band stretching out on two seven-minute tracks ,Depersonalization and Tetris Syndrome, an instrumental , hat offer up stylistic shifts and delves into sludge workouts, fierce tribal rhythms and licks that sound like they were written for an eight-bit video game along with time signature changes to ensure things never get bogged down or wear out their welcome.


The title track (Italian for the created end) distils the essence of Black Thunder in five-and-a-half minutes with a full on rawk 'n' roll assault with a mid-track freakout that blasts out into outer space and returns to Earth with one of the album’s catchiest hooks.


If riffs were the vaccine for COVID-19, this album could be the cure. 

Check out: Bekenstein Limit, Lack of Protons, La Fine Creata

Recommended if you like: Fu Manchu, Rush, Kyuss, Black Sabbath C’mon


— Rob Williams

      Cretin Radio




Tony Frank – Guitar, Vocals, Synth

Dustin Wiebe – Bass

Neil Lutz- Drums


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Dimas

All songs by Black Thunder

Artwork by Jason Thiry